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I know - the only thing more expensive than a cheap boat, is a free one so I am posting one of each haha. Jack LaBarge, our kindred spirit in Seadrift, has a couple of Hobies he'd like to get rid of.  One is a Hobie 14.  Hulls are kinda soft, so this is mostly a parts boat.  This one is free The other boat is a Hobie 18.  Hulls are said to be ok and there is a main.  Trailer comes with the boat, but it needs wheels/tires (and probably lights).  Jack would like $200 for this one. If you're interested, send a PM & I'll respond with Jack's contact info. 

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Harold Morales
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18 Hobie
Stephanie i`am interested in the 18 Hobie if you would E-Mail me the info thanks. 
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does the 18 have the daggers,
does the 18 have the daggers, rudders, and all that good stuff?

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I'm Interested in the 14.  My
I'm Interested in the 14.  My 14 could use some parts.  I'm PMing you
Mike F.

Mike F. in Pearland
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Free 14
I know where there is a free Hobie 14. No trailer. It is in the Highlands area.



Doug Snell
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Free 14
Doug I pm you my email I know someone who would be interested in that Hobie 14.

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Hobie 18
Do you know if the 18 is still available?  If so, will you please send me the info?
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hobie 18
im trying to find a boat to learn on so im very interested in the hobie 18 please let me know if its still available.thanks